Club Championships – PHOTOS and RESULTS

Jan 29 - Feb 3, 2018

Thank You

A fun week of tennis and social was had at the recent Club Tournament. Thank you to Paul and Karin for their organizing, the players for their participation, the spectators for their support, and our Social Committee for keeping the bar running and hosting a fabulous party.


Men’s Singles
Winner: Zahwil Dossa
Runner Up: Peter Figasinski
Consolation Winner: Cameron Nelson

Men’s Doubles 7.0 – BOX 1
Winners: Quentin Brown and Reza Karimi

Men’s Doubles 7.0 – BOX 2
Winners: Chris Coulter and Gordon Saunders

Women’s Doubles 7.0 – BOX 1
Winners: Linda Saunders and Erin Yang

Women’s Doubles 7.0 – BOX 2
Winners: Martha Mckenzie and Tasha Sparling

Mixed Doubles 7.0
Winners: Vladan Kosoric and Dragana Kosoric
Runners Up: Jeff Sparling and Tasha Sparling
Consolation Winners: Valentin Karassiouk and Edlira Gjoshe

Men’s doubles 8.0 – Round Robin
Winners: Jason Cave and Matt Stone

Women’s Doubles 8.0
Winners: Cathy Jacobs and Dragana Kosoric
Runners Up: Marina Alexander and Mia van der Kop
Consolation Winners: Naomi Kawasaki and Keiko Onishi

Mixed Doubles 8.0
Winners: Reza Karimi and Sharron Weeks
Runners Up: Allan Chu and Suzanne Lafleur
Consolation Winners: Robert Samways and Cathy Jacobs

Full draws and results:




Posted on: February 5, 2018

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