Club Championships RESULTS and PHOTOS

January 28 - February 2, 2019

Thank You

Championships week was filled with competition and fun!  Kudos and thank you to everyone who helped make this year’s event such a success:

  • Players for their participation
  • Paul and Karin Tornquist for their tournament management
  • Our event social committee: leader Bonnie Collins, event captains Lesley Harrison and Sabine Ritson, and volunteers Yuko Toku-Godoy, Jodi Pallan, Yukari Haertel and Linda Saunders for keeping the bar running all week and organizing a fabulous party.


Congratulations to our winners!

Men’s Singles 4.5
Winner: Cameron Nelson
Runner Up: Peter Figasinski

Men’s Singles 3.5
Winner: Robert Pearson
Runner Up: Vadim Obukhov

Men’s Doubles 4.0
Winners: Gavin Ritson and Craig  Kincaid-Smith
Runners Up: Matt Stone and Jason Cave
Consolation Winners: Ian Sorenson and Matt McKenzie

Men’s Doubles 3.5
Winners: Vladan Kosoric and Gordon Saunders
Runners Up: Don Cameron and Roger Gafur

Women’s Doubles 4.0
Winners: Cathy Jacobs and Dragana Kosoric
Runners Up: Marina Alexander and Sharron Weeks
Consolation Winners: Naomi Kawasaki and Keiko Onishi

Women’s Doubles 3.0
Winners: Yuko Toku-Godoy and Echo Liu
Runners Up: Marguerite Bachmann and Andrea Eby

Mixed Doubles 4.0
Winners: Dmitry Kalamkarov and Marina Alexander
Runners Up: Vladan Kosoric and Dragana Kosoric
Consolation Winners: Reza Karimi and Sharron Weeks

Mixed Doubles 3.0-3.5
Winners: Janos Stiasny and Astrid Shay
Runners Up: Roger Gafur and Mary Hill
Consolation Winners: Garth Albright and Joanna Ashworth

Full Results: Championships 2019 Draws and Results


Scroll down to see the photos in the gallery below. Click on a photo to enlarge or download. Photo credits go to Alan Chu, Lesley Harrison and Sabine Ritson.

Players Alert! Visit our our online album of action shots taken by Gavin Ritson on finals day.

Posted on: February 4, 2019

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