The Bubble is UP

Thursday, September 17

With the bubble up, the following changes have been implemented:

There will be a 15-minute gap between court changeovers, with each court booking becoming 1 hour and 15 minutes.  This will give time for all exiting players to leave the court in a spaced-out, safe manner.  The bubble door will be thoroughly sanitized after everyone exits.  Members in the next booking slot will be asked to wait in their car, or outside in covered areas (new areas will be added), until their court time.

We have been told by the bubble manufacturing company that the air exchange in the bubble is quite good.  Better than most buildings with average ventilation.  The air is fully exchanged, with new air, every 3 hours.  With this knowledge and maintaining and adding a few extra safety protocols, we feel confident and hopeful that members will be able to play tennis throughout the winter season.

Anyone needing to come into the Clubhouse will be asked to wear a mask, and there will be a 2-person limit in the lobby and 2 only per men’s and women’s washrooms.  We felt that this was a necessary implementation, as we found that some members were not respecting the protocols and were not maintaining physical distancing.  For your convenience, we are posting a copy of the GameTime schedule on the outside bulletin board so you can check your court without needing to go inside, and we encourage members to call into the Front Desk to pay for their clinics or lessons, before they arrive at the Club.

Everything else will remain pretty much the same.  We will be following Industry and Health Authority guidelines closely and adjusting our protocols as efficiently as possible.  Here is an updated copy of the Club protocols: Phase 2 Covid Protocol.  Please take a minute to read through, and become familiar with them. Unfortunately, there are some policies that we had hoped we could make more “open”, but we have been advised otherwise.  If we all do our part, we should be able to enjoy our facility throughout the year.

Helpful reminders:  know your court before you arrive, call the Front Desk to pay for lessons or ask questions, take your garbage home with you, bring your own folding chair if you want to sit on the court, and have a mask handy (in the event that you do need to go into the Clubhouse).

Posted on: August 25, 2020

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