The West Vancouver Tennis Club has a long tradition of participating in inter-club tennis leagues.  We currently have seven women’s teams and one men’s team.  League tennis offers competitive doubles matches against other clubs throughout the Lower Mainland.

Our Club’s mandate is to promote competitive tennis for levels 3.0 and higher, with a focus on sportsmanship, camaraderie, and teamwork.


Ladies’ League

COVID-19: We regret to inform you that due to the ongoing pandemic, there will be no Lower Mainland Women’s League for the Spring 2021 season.

Ladies’ League is extremely popular at the West Vancouver Tennis Club. It is a terrific way to play competitive tennis, be a part of a team, enjoy camaraderie and good sportsmanship, and represent our club in the Lower Mainland. We have 7 teams at varying levels comprised of three Day teams and four Night teams, involving over 100 members. Day teams typically practice and have matches during the day, and accordingly, night teams practice and play in the evenings. Most teams have clinics run by our coaching staff once a week from September to March and League competition runs from the end of March to the end of June.

List of Teams

Division    Team Name Captain
1 Day Smashgirls Jenny Crompton
2 Day Terminetters Elaine Grenon
2 Night Stellars Marina Alexander
3 Night Night Owls Jen Adair
4 Day Jays Heather Mersey
4 Night Double Trouble Jodi Pallan
5 Night Slice Girls Julie Bernard

How to Join a Team

  1. Fill out and submit an application form. You may pick one up from the Front Desk at the Club, or download it here: Application Form
  2. The Head Pro will do an assessment based on any previous league play, ranking with Tennis Canada, and observations while playing.
  3. The Head Pro and League Director will collaborate to place the applicant on a level appropriate team, if there is space.

How to Switch Teams

In order to move up to a higher Division team the applicant must have played a minimum of 60% of the matches with the current team on Court 1 or Court 2, and have won at least 60% of those matches. If this is the case then:

  1. Fill out and submit an application form. You may pick one up from the Front Desk at the Club, or download it here: Application Form
  2. The Head Pro and League Director will collaborate and a decision will be made based on the application and space available.

Key Dates

  • Deadlines to join or switch teams:  September 1st to November 30th  *
  • League Season:  late March to late June

*Late applications may be considered if authorized by the Head Pro and League Director.


  • Sharron Weeks – WVTC League Director
  • Paul Tornquist – Head Pro

Other Ways to Compete

If you are not ready for or interested in League play but want to participate competitively there are other options at our club.

Dogwood:  A day-time Lower Mainland Ladies League that runs from October to March, where members can sign up to form a team and compete against other clubs. This is a more “social” league in that results are not recorded or tracked. Coffee and snacks are provided by the host team after the match. Sign up sheets are posted on the notice board in the lobby at the beginning of the season.

Cindy’s Singles:  This is a singles ladder for ladies. Each player is assigned to a box with up to 5 players of similar ranking and a match against each player in the box must be played by the end of the session (usually 5 weeks). Points are awarded and players move up, down or stay for the next session accordingly. For more information please contact Cindy Shaw at

Tournaments:  Our Club hosts some tournaments, including the Club Championship at the end of January and Doubles by the Shore in the summer. Additionally there are numerous tournaments throughout the year in the Lower Mainland that you can learn more about from Tennis BC or Tennis Canada.